Alain Fonteneau

Institut de Recherches pour le Développement

Dr. Alain Fonteneau, is a French scientist has been working on tuna and billfish biology and stock assessment since the early seventies at the Institut de Recherches pour le Développement (ex ORSTOM).

His research has been mainly targeting tropical tunas, but also temperate species and billfishes, through a comparative ecosystem approach that has been targeting the pelagic oceans world wide.

These analysis of the tuna stocks and fisheries world wide are conducted covering the entire period 1950 to now, based on a standardized world data base of all catch and effort data available.

He recently published a book on the history of tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean Dr. Fonteneau has actively participated various times to the scientific committees or bodies of the 5 present tuna RFMOs, and he has published various papers on many of these fisheries problems covering all tuna species and all tuna fisheries.

Dr. Fonteneau is now retired, but still participating to various ICCAT and IOTC scientific meetings.