Linnéa Engström

Member Of The European Parliament

Green MEP from Sweden. First vice chair of the fisheries committee, substitute member in committees ENVI and FEMM. Political scientist with a great interest in Russia, development, gender and security policy.

Before becoming a member of the European parliament, Mrs Engström worked as a gender coordinator and with development support directed towards Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Eastern Europe.

Her great interest and knowledge in development issues brought her close to African green partners mainly in Western Africa.

Mrs Engström was the rapporteur for the Sustainable management of EU external fishing fleet, which addresses the external dimension of the Common fisheries reform, issues of great importance to the long-term sustainability and fairness of EU-fisheries agreements, joint ventures and charter agreements with third countries.

Mrs Engström is also the gender coordinator in the committee ENVI, where her main focus is the issues on climate justice and gender mainstreaming of environmental and health legislation.

Speech Summary

Mrs Engström will be addressing the importance of transparency in fisheries and the digital register that is going to be set up as a requirement in the new SMEFF-regulation (Sustainable Management of External Fishing Fleets), of which she was a rapporteur.

Recent developments in the fisheries in Liberia show how poor coastal states can effectively monitor their waters.
How will the European tuna fishing fleets be affected by this regulation?

Mrs Engström will also address the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement with Ivory Coast and the possibility for the European tuna fleet to play a vital role on the local level.