Steven Adolf

Journalist, Writer & Economic Researcher On Tuna

Steven Adolf (The Hague, 1959) is a journalist, economic researcher on tuna and writer. He works as Spain, Morocco and Portugal correspondent for the Dutch magazine Elsevier and the Belgium public radio and television broadcasting VRT. His book ‘Giant Tuna’ looks at the millennia long history of the bluefin tuna and its current state of endangered species in the North Pacific. The opdated English edition of the book is expected later in 2017.

Currently Steven Adolf is doing a PhD research on governance of sustainable caught skipjack tuna in the Western and Central Pacific and its impact on the tuna canning industry. The research is part of the BESTTuna investigation project at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Steven Adolf has also published in The Netherlands the non-fiction bestseller “Spanje achter de Schermen” (Spain Behind the Stage) and two books about Morocco. His latest book ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’ is about half a century Spanish migration in The Netherlands. Steven Adolf has chaired meetings, panel discussions and public debates on matters ranging from international finance to political diplomacy, and from fisheries policies to macro-economics.