The European Tuna Conference 2017 was attended by about 300 participants from 44 countries. Among participants were visitors from most European nations, as well from North America, South America, Micronesia, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The European Tuna Conference 2017 brought together professionals from all parts of the global tuna business and presented the latest developments and innovations in the ever changing EUR 5.3 billion European tuna market.

There were great expert presentations and discussions based on topics such as:

• The status of the global tuna supply
• The development of each tuna species: Skipjack, Yellowfin, Bluefin, Bigeye, and Albacore
• What changes in EU import duties and quotas can be we expect?
• What is driving Europe’s consumers’ ever-growing appetite for tuna?
• Where you can create more added value in your tuna business?
• Will tuna management organizations be able to create a sustainable tuna business?
• Expected impact of shorter supply and higher energy prices on future tuna prices  
• Latest innovations in packaging of fresh and frozen tuna
• What will replace smoked tuna, now it is completely banned in the EU?
• The “Green” trend in the European retail sector, how to deal with eco-labeling
• The state of tuna farming in Europe; and the future of the sector
• And many more

The European Tuna Conference was experienced by most visitors as an excellent networking event, in preparation for the ESE show –the world’s largest seafood show– which started the next day, and lasted for 3 days.