Margreet Brinxma

Product Integrity Manager
Sustunable b.v.

Margreet Brinxma joined Sustunable in 2017 as Product Integrity Manager, after studying Public Administration and obtaining her Masters degree on the role of Data Management in Eco labels. She also worked as a researcher at one of the world’s leading universities in Agro management, Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Prior to joining Sustunable she focused on supply chain management through transparency and traceability in Timber, Palm Oil and Seafood. As researcher Margreet had the opportunity to look across multiple supply chains to study traceability systems. Since then, she transitioned from research to industry; first as consultant assessing governance principles in CSR standards.

At Sustunable, which is joint-venture partner in Pacifical cv (the market development company for the PNA’s MSC skipjack and yellowfin tuna), she is closely involved in her role as Product Integrity Manager with the data collection and management throughout the entire tuna purse seine supply chain of Pacifical, from the moment of the start of a fishing trip till the end delivery to the supermarket.