3rd European Tuna Conference

Europe’s 2011 Tuna Products Awards

All International tuna processing, marketing, distribution companies and supermarkets are invited to submit their tuna product for the competition of the European Tuna Conference 2011 AWARDS for:


All fresh chilled, frozen and/or heat preserved tuna products which have been launched into the European market between May 2009 and April 2011 can compete.

The nominations for these Awards will be broadcasted throughout the entire European Tuna Conference 2011 and the final Award winners will be announced during the Tuna Awards Cocktail Party held at the end of European Tuna Conference. Furthermore, the shelf–stable products will be put on display at the venue.


To enter the competition:
- a representative from the participating company must be a registered delegate to the conference.
- the tuna product must have been sold in any European market between May 2009 and April 2011.
- the sample sending deadline is April 15th.

3 samples of your product are to be sent by courier to:

Atuna bv
European Tuna Conference
Meerpaal 14d
4904 SK Oosterhout
The Netherlands

"Europe’s 2011 Most Innovative Tuna Product Award” and “Europe’s 2011 Best Quality Tuna Product Award” will be handed out during the Tuna Awards Cocktail Party at the end of the Conference – which will take place on the top floor of the Sheraton Hotel.

More information regarding the prize-selecting jury will follow shortly on this page.

Application Form: Please click here to submit your tuna product

For more information please contact: support@EuropeanTunaConference.com

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