The European Tuna Conference 2019 will focus on the theme:
Beyond The Surface: Accountability & Transparency In Global Tuna


Session I – Official Opening
  • Welcome Speech
    Conchita Sierra
  • Official Opening Speech
    João Aguiar Machado
  • State Of The Global Tuna Stocks
    Alain Fonteneau
  • State Of European Tuna Market
    Pierre Commère
  • Tuna Wars
    Steven Adolf
Session II – Transparency & Accountability
  • Transparency Within The Tuna Supply Chain
  • EU Tuna Labeling Rules And Regulations
  • European Social & Sustainability Standard?
    Linnéa Engström
  • Status EU Yellow & Red Cards For IUU Fishing & EU Competent Authorities
    Pawel Swiderek
Session III – Traceability
  • Blockchain And Specific Traceability Challenges In The Tuna Supply Chain
    Margreet Brinxma
  • The Role Of Fishing Information Monitoring Systems (FIMS)
    David Karis
  • FIPS & Certifications
    Kristin Sherwood
Session IV – EU Trade & Imports
  • Tuna Coloring, Pros And Cons
    Paolo Caricato & Eric Marin
  • Tuna Freezing Temperatures On Purse Seiners
    Paolo Caricato & Eric Marin
  • Market For Sustainable Tuna In Europe
    Nicolas Guichoux
  • Views On EU Tuna Loins Quota Expansion
    Anertz Muniategi
Session V –  Retailers & Consumers
  • Challenges Retailers Face Providing Mainly Sustainable Tuna
    Krishan Kent
  • Recent Tuna Product Innovations In Europe
  • Potential Impacts Of Brexit
    Dan Aherne
Session VI – Technology
  • FAD Tracking
    Ludwig Kumoru
  • Drones
    Gabriel Gómez Celaya


  The ETC2019 full program is currently under development and will be updated as the session panelists are confirmed. Please visit this page periodically to check for updates.