The European Tuna Conference 2019 will focus on the theme:
Beyond The Surface: Accountability & Transparency In Global Tuna

Preliminary Conference Program

Session I – Official Opening

-Opening Speech by the European Commission
-State of the Global Tuna Stocks
-State of European Tuna Market
-Tuna Wars

Session II – Transparency & Accountability

-Transparency within the Tuna Supply Chain
-EU Labeling Rules and Regulations
-ARP Spanish Sustainability Program
-European Social & Sustainability Standard?
-Status EU Yellow & Red Cards for IUU Fishing & EU Competent Authorities

Session III – Traceability

-Blockchain Traceability
-Can FADs Become Sustainable
-The Role of Fishing Information Monitoring Systems (FIMS)  
-Ghost Gear
-FIPS vs Certifications

Session IV – EU Trade & Imports

-Tuna Coloring, Pros and Cons
-Tuna Freezing Temperatures on Purse Seiners
-Market for Sustainable Tuna in Europe 
-US Collusion & Effects to the European Tuna Industry
-Tuna Loins Quota Debate

Session V –  Buyers & Consumers

-Consumers’ Buying Behavior
-Challenges Retailers Face in Supplying Sustainable Tuna
-Recent Tuna Product Innovations in Europe
-Potential Impacts of Brexit
-Non-profit Organizations Verifying FAD-free For Retailers

Session VI – Technology

-What Can Technology Do for Transparency?
-Ocean Clean-up
-FAD Tracking

The ETC2019 full program is currently under development and will be updated as the session panelists are confirmed.
Please visit this page periodically to check for updates.